3 Interesting Ways Edge Trim is Used by the Boating Industry

A boat’s edge trim is the small plastic or metal strip on the outside corner of a boat’s hull. Its main job is to help stabilize boats during turns and reduces the chance of capsizing. The trim tells you how the boat sits in the water when it is at rest on its keel, which allows you to adjust the way it sits when you’re driving. The following looks at three interesting ways edge trim is used in the boating industry.

1. Edge Trim Used for Boat Tops and Covers

The most common use for edge trim is on boaters’ tops, which are tarps or covers that cover everything you have in your boat when it’s not in use. A strap with a buckle goes underneath the trampoline-like top so that you can fold it up when you’re headed back to shore. Uni Grip rubber and plastic seals help create a watertight seal when the top is folded down, but that’s not always enough.

To further strengthen an edge trim, you can reinforce it with a PVC pipe or aluminum strip. The pipe is usually cut, drilled, and then glued to make the edge trim stronger. Aluminum is attached by drilling holes wide enough for the material to slide into place before it is attached with epoxy. The aluminum and PVC are handy if you’re storing valuables in your boat and want extra security from thieves looking for easy targets.

2. Edge Trim Used for Anchor Storage

If you tie up your boat to a dock, you’ll use edge trim to keep the anchor from sliding out of place. That’s why cushioning materials are often used in this application. If the anchor is heavy, you may want to consider using an aluminum edging strip so that it stays in place during bumpy water conditions. The aluminum edging strip is especially helpful if you decide to tack into a wind or storm and your anchor drags.

3. Edge Trim Used for Stability

When cruising, you’ll want a trim that helps you stay upright and in control of your boat during rough water conditions. That’s why many boaters install 2 or 3 strips of edge trim along the entire perimeter of the boat from bow to stern to set the point where their boat plane to keep the water out of their boat while cruising. The edge trim also helps stabilize these boats when they get sideways. Edge trim is so important because it guides the boat’s keel line, which keeps track of the boat’s center of gravity and how much weight should be in different areas of your boat.

Although boats are one of the most fun ways to get in and enjoy the water, boats can also be one of the most dangerous. Make sure you’re as safe as possible by making your boat as secure as possible. Adding edge trim is one way to do this because it gives you added protection from thieves, helps stabilize your boat, keeps your anchor in place, and keeps your boat from tipping over if you get caught in a storm or strong winds.

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