White Glove Logistics for Technical Equipment Transport & Installation

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You may have noticed how much technology is influencing our lives, with touch-screen devices and interactive signage, and this type of technical equipment demands specialised handling. This is where white glove logistics comes into play, as qualified technicians transport and install complex technical equipment.

Wide Range of White Glove Services

When you receive technical delivery services from TecDis, you can be sure that the technicians know their stuff and the following are some of the business sectors that require white glove services.

  • Banking & Finance – All ATMs are installed by white glove technicians who are manufacturer-approved, along with other technical equipment such as passbook update machines and cash deposit kiosks. Card-less ATMs ate now seen everywhere, plus there are now Bitcoin ATMs, where you can change digital currency into cash, or transfer funds to another Bitcoin user.
  • Medical & Healthcare – Costly machines like MRI and CT scanning devices require specialist handling and the equipment maker would deliver the items to a location near the final destination and the white glove team would take over and provide final mile delivery and installation.
  • Retail – All digital signage and touch screen information boards are installed by white glove technicians, who are fully trained to work on the equipment. The other type of equipment installed by white glove technicians include vending and gaming machines, which do need to be configured and put online, ready for use. When you next visit a shopping mall, you will find touch-screen information boards that have replaced the traditional map, plus digital signage will soon be the norm. If you are a business owner, here are some tips for outsourcing essential IT services.
  • Fitness Industry – The complex equipment used in a fitness centre requires specialised handling, which is provided by the white glove technician and once the equipment is installed and put onto the grid, the technicians can train the gym staff how to monitor and manage the equipment.
  • Telecommunications – If, for example, a company needs to relocate their Data cable installation, they would call in a white glove logistics provider, who can remove, install and relocate data centres. The technicians must regularly attend product training workshops in order to be permitted to work with the equipment. If a company wishes to replace all their IT hardware, they would approach a white glove logistics provider, who can remove and dispose of old IT hardware.
  • Reverse Logistics – This is when a customer wishes to return equipment that has malfunctioned and the white glove team transport the equipment to the manufacturer and the contract might involve replacing the unit with another one. The stock markets around the world contain state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment, which is installed and managed by special white glove teams.

One popular service is called final mile delivery, which involves the manufacturer delivering the equipment to an agreed location nearby to the final destination. The white glove team have special lifting equipment to help manoeuvre the equipment into place, when it can be secured. Then the equipment is calibrated, tested and prepared for use.

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