What are the advantages of an HOA?

We interviewed Alyssa Toro, the owner of AK Premier Real Estate Services in Raleigh North Carolina, and asked her why so many new homes are being built within subdivisions that are managed by a homeowners association (HOA). She indicated that the trend toward HOAs is due to several advantages that they offer. Here are 7 advantages of buying a house that is part of an HOA: 


The fees that are paid to an HOA are utilized to provide several amenities to the house owners. These include parks, pools, tennis courts, golf courses, a protective gate, and many more recreational facilities. All these services will cost no extra money because they are already included in your monthly payment. 

Oftentimes, basic maintenance including trash and snow removal is also performed by HOAs, which is a relief to everybody. 

Increase in home value

HOAs protect your house from devaluing by making sure that no individual or group can negatively impact the market value of a home in the neighborhood. This is one of the reasons rules and regulations exist in an HOA. 

Good looking neighborhoods

Because of the strictness of rules, nobody is allowed to alter their house to break the continuity of design, thus resulting in a nice exterior appearance. Homeowners are also expected to maintain their homes and keep up their appearance, thereby creating good looking neighborhoods that include well maintained homes. 


HOAs usually hire security staff to monitor the neighborhoods and there is often a gate around the community as well. The community security that patrol the area deter the potential for crime, and keep properties free from burglary, offering homeowners’ greater piece of mind.

No pests

Many HOAs try their best to terminate all the pests in the area. With pest control measures, you will not have to deal with mosquitoes making time in your yard unbearable, raccoons rummaging through your trash, or stray dogs running around. 

A community of nice people 

The rules in HOAs ensure make disruptive people less likely to buy a property in an HOA. This creates a community of people who strive towards a peaceful community and share the same values. 

Higher quality of living

All the rules and regulations of HOAs are aimed at raising the quality of living of the homeowners by providing them peaceful, safe, and beautiful looking houses and neighborhood. 


As you can see, there are many benefits to living in an HOA-ran community. You’ll enjoy living in a neighborhood with amenities, a well-maintained landscape, pleasant people and more. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in HOA elections. These elections, usually administered by an HOA election inspector, will help determine where residents’ funds are used and how to better the neighborhood for everyone.

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