The Ultimate Guide to Business Invoice Templates

Are you trying to keep your company afloat and are worried about collecting your payments?

One of the best ways to alleviate this is to send business invoice templates. This ensures that your vendors know that they have to pay you. It also ensures that they know how much to pay you and by when.

If you’ve never sent out business invoices, you’re likely stumped on how to design them.

This short guide will show you how to create business invoice templates for your company.

Here are the invoice design ideas to consider:

Add Your Logo

For every invoice you send out, you must include your company’s logo in addition to your company’s information.

This accomplishes two things. Firstly, it makes it easy for your vendor to find your invoice as they scramble through their documents and other paperwork.

Second, it gives your business a greater sense of authority. Simple seeing ‘Apple Inc.’ doesn’t do much to the eye. But seeing the Apple Logo  immediately triggers a response in the viewer.

The same goes for your logo. Place your logo at the top of your invoice and then follow it with your company’s information.

Keep It Simple

You want to make it simple for your vendor to find the instructions of how to pay you.

At the top of your invoice, make sure you first include your company’s details, followed by your vendor’s details. This shows that the invoice is addressed to your vendor and is from your company.

Include the name, address, business ID number, and contact information for your company.

In the middle of the invoice, write a short description of the services for which you’re requesting payment. You can also include an order number and an invoice number. This makes it easier for your vendor to organize invoices from you.

Across from the description of services, include the subtotal of how much you’re charging. Underneath this subtotal, you can include the applicable tax.

Underneath this, write the final amount owed. You should write this amount in bolded text so that it’s easy for your vendor to see.

Always write the currency symbol or code for your vendor. This is especially crucial when doing business internationally.

At the bottom of your invoice, write clear instructions on how your vendor can send the money. You can provide the following:

  • An address where they can send the check or cash
  • Your bank account number and routing number
  • A link or QR code to pay using an online payment authorizer
  • A cryptocurrency wallet address

You can use an invoice template to help you create professional invoices for your company.

Create Business Invoice Templates

Now you can create business invoice templates to send professional invoices to your vendors.

Make sure you always add your logo to every invoice. This makes it easier to organize and lends credibility to your company.

Make sure you also include details on what services you completed for the client. Include clear instructions on how your client can send the payment.

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