New Dental Recruitment Website for Both Job Seekers and Recruiters

With the economic upheaval from 2020 and general trends alike disrupting workforces around the world, the need for every employment advantage possible is more vital than ever. 

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Even in rapidly-growing sectors such as healthcare and executive search, a large number of workers are finding it difficult to secure ideal employment opportunities. Additionally, the length of time between jobs has increased due to these aforementioned economic concerns.

Online job sites offer a simplified approach that connects both job seekers and recruiters, with one notable example being Dental Jobs Online. Let’s take a look at this service and review its offerings.

To Whom Does Dental Jobs Online Cater?

To those either seeking a new dental career or wanting to recruit talent, Dental Jobs Online may prove to be a beneficial utility. Offering specific segments and accounts for jobseekers and recruiters, the process of registering, browsing and/or listing jobs via the service is streamlined for both groups.

What Can Recruiters Expect?

Dental Jobs Online has a transparent pricing structure for job listings, with three different packages to consider. These three pricing tiers are Standard, Boosted and Promoted.

Standard job vacancy adverts range from €95 to €195, and remain active for 30 days. Listings are displayed to jobseekers based on the date of posting. 

Boosted adverts last for 45 days and range in cost from €245 to €345. With a Boosted advert, recruiters will have their listings visible for 45 days. In addition, Boosted adverts get higher priority in search results and are highlighted with a blue background to make them more visible.

Promoted adverts last for a full 60 days and cost €395 to €595. In addition to all of the features provided in the Boosted adverts, Promoted status also includes guaranteed listing at the top of search results, green background highlighting and weekly circulation of the listing on social media networks that the recruiter prefers.  

What Can Jobseekers Expect?

One appealing aspect for many jobseekers when browsing adverts is knowing that the listings are local and relevant to their tastes. Unlike many generalised job recruitment platforms, Dental Jobs Online specifically caters to those seeking employment in the dental industry. Additionally, the service is owned by a local Irish dentist rather than a large company that might misuse personal data.

Applicants can create an account in just a few minutes and decide whether or not to post their details to the CV bank. From there, just a couple of clicks open all available job listings. These listings can be sorted by role, contract type, setting or employer. 

Why Job Sites Like Dental Jobs Online Are Helpful Today

Ultimately, the instability in the current economy means professionals need easy-to-use, specialised solutions for finding new career opportunities. Especially when these platforms cater to specific industries, it can make the process of finding that perfect job that much easier.

For recruiters, it likewise filters out potential “noise” by ensuring only those who are qualified will take the steps of registering and applying through a specialised platform like Dental Jobs Online.

The Verdict

While some job recruitment websites focus on volume and attempt to attract everybody, Dental Jobs Online is a refreshing, niche alternative that can help dentists, dental practices and those employed in the industry find more suitable jobs. 

Offering an easy-to-use platform with no hidden fees for recruiter adverts is also appealing. 

Ultimately, we recommend checking the website out if you’re a jobseeker or recruiter in the dental industry.

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