How Often Should You Upgrade Your Computers?

If you operate a business with a computer network at its core, you might wonder about the best time to upgrade your hardware and use an old computer disposal service. Of course, this is an expensive course of action that you might want to put off for a time. The good news is that PCs can last for a decade or more if they are well maintained. 

What is a Computer’s Shelf Life? 

Whether it’s a personal computer or a laptop, the average shelf life for a device is around three years. If you look at most warranties, they won’t extend past the three years they make and in most cases, they are far shorter. However, most computers will last between four and eight years.

Various factors influence how long your computer is going to last. First, it is the hardware and usage and its capacity and ability to update suitable software. All of this should be taken into account when you invest in computers for your business.  

Can they Last Any Longer? 

The short answer is yes. In fact, computers and laptops can last for many years and still function optimally if they are well maintained. First, you need to ensure that your computers are clean and free from dust and debris. You must also be gentle when handling them. 

If you keep your computers well maintained, you can expect them to last a decade or more, but if you want them to stay relevant for longer, you need to update both the hardware and the software. Eventually, the computer will require more memory and a system update, but eventually, it will be obsolete.  

The Benefits of an MSP 

Suppose you operate a business and you have a computer network. In that case, it can be challenging to keep your computers well maintained and up-to-date, especially when it comes to security protocols. That’s where an MSP comes in handy – MSPs replace the old in-house IT teams. 

A managed service provider will audit your computer network regularly, looking for signs of inefficiencies and vulnerabilities that could lead to cybersecurity threats and compliance issues. Additionally, they will maintain your computer hardware and update your software.   

When to Replace Your Hardware 

Computers start to head towards the end of their life cycle after the three or four-year mark. At this point, the costs of repairing the computer are more expensive than buying a new one. Still, a computer at this age has a lot of life left in it. 

If you need the most up-to-date software, then you might want to replace the computer at the four-year mark or whenever the OS needs to be upgraded. Alternatively, you can run it until you hear hardware issues such as a loud fan or a faulty digital display. 


How frequently you update your computers depends on what type of business you run and your industry requirements. A graphics design company, for instance, needs the latest hardware, but a paper company is fine with dated PCs. In any case, an MSP can help you with PC maintenance and government compliance. 

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