Eric Dalius Points Out Smart Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

When you own a small business, things are not always rosy, more so, if you want to stay updated with the latest trends, marketing tactics, and technologies to take your venture to the next level. You need to embrace some of the best marketing strategies to make your brand message resonate with your targeted audience. If your business becomes stagnant and fails to grow, it is hard to thrive in this age of stiff competition. 

According to an article published on, small business owners need to experiment to figure out which channels will ensure success. 

No matter if you are in business for four months or five years, you will find scope for improvement through effective marketing strategies. Here is how: 

Eric Dalius insists on knowing your customers 

When you have a small business to manage, focus on your targeted audience first. You need to ask a couple of questions. Who are your customers, what they like, and how do you expect to make their lives simpler with your products or services. Understanding your buyer persona will help you define your targeted audience when it comes to their demographics, preferences, interests, and purchasing habits. Once you understand this, you can customize your marketing and sales messages for your audience. 

You also need to nurture your potential customers and create custom messages, which are different from those who are willing to buy. 

Show visual content than just informing 

Modern customers want to see more visual content and not just, informative text. That is because our brains process visuals 60 times faster than text-based content. Therefore, when you want your audience to inquire about your products or services, show them videos, as suggested by marketing professional Eric Dalius. 

When it comes to video content, focus on Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Facebook Live, and Facebook Stories. Your video could be a short clip introducing your brand, what you sell. Keep the duration of the video not more than two minutes. Make it engaging and interesting to pique buyer interest. That does not mean you will do away with informative blogs or text-based content. 

Visuals are more effective when it comes to your products or services. An explainer video about your new product will resonate with your customers better than textual content. Most importantly, share your video content through YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. 

Take reviews seriously 

These days, customers have more power because they can post online reviews about your business and products. When you see a customer posting a negative review, reply to that buyer without annoying him or her further. The customer is already unhappy with your product or service and therefore, you need to make amends to give him or her, the best customer service based on the review. You can take the conversation offline and address the customer issue. 

You must build customer loyalty first. When customers are happy with your products or services, you will receive positive reviews and loads of appreciation. 

Accentuate your incentive

On the off chance that there’s no contrast among you and your opposition, there’s no motivation behind why a purchaser would be constrained to work with you. Your offer is the thing that will separate you from others in your space and make up your possibilities’ brains that you’re the supplier to go with. What shows improvement over anybody in the business? Passing on this makes a convincing contention. 

Twofold down on what works

When you have your drives running and you’ve explored different avenues regarding a couple of things, focus on the information. This can advise you regarding what’s working.

As you scale, it’s a smart thought to twofold down on demonstrated techniques for producing income.

Deal with your Yelp presence

This is a basic yet powerful advertising thought for independent ventures working physical stores or administration organizations. Howl is an awesome method to discover new clients, insofar as you keep up a solid presence. 

Contingent upon the amount you need to contribute, Yelp for business can be a paid or free showcasing thought. A fundamental initial step is to one or the other register or guarantee your business, add your area, post photos of your items, and begin reacting to your clients’ audits. 

Consider vehicle marking

On the off chance that you maintain a business that includes cruising through the neighborhood constantly, at that point an unfathomably simple, almost free advertising thought for your private venture is to mark your vehicle. 

Having a vehicle with your logo on it encourages you to get name-acknowledgement in your neighborhood, after the underlying speculation, it resembles free publicizing. Have an armada of vehicles? You could arrange vehicle magnets in mass and put them on the entirety of your vehicles. 

Utilizing Your Blog for Mentions and Networking 

When you have a blog, it’s an ideal reason to contact the influencers and individuals in your organization that you’ve for the longest time been itching to associate with, however never knew how to. 

Figure out how to make reference to the individuals you need to be in contact with in your organization in a complimenting way, and contact them once the post is distributed to tell them about it. You can do this through email or a web-based media notice on LinkedIn or Twitter—any way you think will best stand out enough to be noticed by the individual you need to be in contact with. 

It’s normally a decent dependable guideline not to attempt to offer to them immediately, yet beginning a relationship where you’re in touch once every month or once a quarter to compliment them or offer some benefit to them will truly separate you as a genuine expert and a helpful association with have, boosting your business in the long haul.

Walkway Signs 

In the event that your business is situated on a central avenue where a great deal of walkers go, gives putting a sign a shot at the walkway outside your business. You may list a deal or report new stock. As individuals stroll by, they will ideally stop in your business to find out additional.


Use these marketing ideas to help your business grow so that you can reach out to a large audience base. Improve sales, revenues, and eventually the bottom line. 

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