8 Ideas for Encouraging Children to Brush Their Teeth Properly

It is important for your children to know how to brush their teeth and how to reach each tooth as they do that. There are ways for you to encourage your children to brush their teeth and do that well.

1. Purchase the Right Tools for Your Children

If you want your child to do a good job brushing their teeth, they need to be set up with a toothbrush that is the right size for their mouth. You need to purchase a toothbrush from a company that seems to know how to make tools that work well in the mouths of children.

2. Purchase Fun Tools for Your Children

If you want your child to have fun brushing their teeth, you should purchase toothbrushes that are made in fun colors and that have fun designs on them. Your child is going to be more excited to brush their teeth if they have a character toothbrush than if they have a plain white one. Dentists employ this tactic when working with children, and it can go a long way in getting them to enjoy the process.

3. Have Your Children Around When You are Brushing Your Own Teeth

One of the best ways of encouraging your children to both brush their teeth and to do a good job of that is by showing them how you care for your own teeth. Make it a point to have your children around when you are taking care of your teeth as much as you possibly can. Show them how you are moving the toothbrush over your teeth.

4. Watch Your Children Each Time They Brush Their Teeth

You should pay attention to your children when they are brushing their teeth so that you can encourage them in the things that they are doing right and gently correct them regarding the things that they are doing wrong. Watch the way that your child works their toothbrush and see what they need to change about the way that they are brushing.

5. Make a Game Out of Counting Teeth as They are Brushed

Help your child count each tooth as they are brushing to make sure that they are reaching all of them. Work with your child on their counting and brushing skills by making tooth brushing into a game.

6. Help Your Child Learn How Much Toothpaste to Use

It is important that your child uses the right amount of toothpaste each time that they brush their teeth. You should watch them as they put the toothpaste onto their brush or do that job for them. Too much toothpaste can be harmful to their health.

7. Get Your Child to Watch Videos About Tooth Brushing

There are videos that have been created that are meant to encourage children to brush their teeth. You might allow your child to watch those videos when they are asking for entertainment so that they will be motivated to care for their teeth – and to do that well.

8. Create a Chart to Remind Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

It can be helpful for your child to have a chart up that reminds them when they need to brush their teeth each day. You can give your child stickers to use to fill in the chart after they have spent a good amount of time brushing their teeth.

If you work with your children, you can help them understand how important it is for them to brush their teeth. If you keep an eye on things, you can help your child develop good brushing habits and techniques.

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