4 Things to Consider Before Switching to the Cloud

It’s shocking to consider that 43% of all cyber security attacks target small businesses, which is a huge portion of malicious threats to manage as a fledgling company. However, switching to the cloud may help you business to stay secure despite increasing cyber threats.

Before making the switch however, it’s important to know about how cloud solutions will affect our business.

1. Increased Security

You may have heard about how the cloud can have security issues; however, it’s a lot more secure than most people think. Additionally, it provides your business data protection from physical threats such as fire and flooding which can devastate a small company.

When considering safety, it’s important to recognize the time, money, and resources that cloud companies invest in security. Obviously, no one would partner with them if their services left business data vulnerable.

Every 39 seconds, someone’s computer or server network is attacked, so no matter how many locations or employees your business has, it can always benefit from increased security.

Hackers love to target small businesses, so the threats to your business never decline. However, a cloud system can keep your business data secure while allowing you and your employees to maintain productivity and focus.

2. Secure and Easy Access 

Making the switch to the cloud means that your business data is accessible no matter where you are. This allows you to create, save, and share your important data with your team remotely and securely.

Cloud storage systems provide your company with accessible and safe storage that a physical system simply can’t match. When considering a cloud storage system, speak with a MSP to learn more about how the transition works and how you can make the most of cloud technology. 

3. System Integrations 

When using more than one platform or application to keep your business running smoothly, integration is of the utmost importance. A service or technology is only as capable as it’s integration, so don’t waste your investment on a service that won’t actually connect you with your team.

As you’ve probably experienced, poor integration slows down creativity, teamwork, and overall productivity. When considering integration, cloud systems are unmatched in their ability to synthesize and organize all of your business data.

Cloud solutions offer a fully accessible and integrated process where your employees have access to all of their tools, devices, and applications wherever they are. However, be sure to contact your IT company in Birmingham or local MSP to discuss the best approach to system integration.

4. Making the Switch

For all of the benefits that the cloud delivers, it’s also important to recognize the complex software behind the solution. The cloud can be an easy, safe, and cost-effective way to maintain your business data, but it is only as secure and reliable as your integration and cybersecurity.

In order to make the most of your cloud systems, work with a managed services provider to ensure that your business is prepared to make and maintain your switch to the cloud.

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