4 Styles Of Picket Fences

Everyone wants to update their home’s appearance every once in a while. One area to focus on is the exterior. While a host of renovations focus on the garden or walls, you could instead focus on the fencing.

Not only does this affect your house’s attractiveness, but also the privacy you’ll have in the garden. You’ll need to make sure that you pick the right fencing. If you think that all fences are the same, you’d be mistaken.

You can choose from multiple options, although four, in particular, come recommended.

​​4 Types Of Picket Fences

Alternating Picket Fence

An alternate picket fence is one of the more popular options to choose from. That popularity is fueled by how attractive it can be, alongside how low-cost it can be as an option. You should typically expect to pay less for an alternate picket fence than you would with others.

The largest benefit that this offers is privacy. As there are virtually no gaps in these fences, nobody should be able to look through them. They’ll also be between six and eight feet tall, so few people can look over them.

If you want a good mix of privacy and style, then an alternate picket fence could be recommended.

Wooden Picket Fence

A wooden picket fence may be the first type that you think of. As you would expect, these typically range in height from three to four feet. One of the defining traits of this type of fence is the spacing between each of the wooden slats, which could be quite large.

The benefits of this include how discreet they can be while adding some color to the garden. They wouldn’t be great for privacy, however. These are typically seen around front gardens and swimming pools.

Estate Fence

You mightn’t be aware of the term ‘estate fence,’ although you’ll undoubtedly be aware of what it looks like. These are wooden fences that have several horizontal boards installed between the posts.

Unlike other fencing, however, some of these boards will overlap to create a more appealing appearance. It’ll also make a criss-cross appearance. These can often be one of the more attractive types of fences to get.

Estate fencing will be taller than a wooden picket fence but shorter than an alternating picket fence.


You mightn’t have heard about shadowbox fencing before. If you’re focused on privacy, however, then it could be one of the better-recommended types of fence. These will be much taller than many counterparts, which will ensure that nobody can look into your garden.

These will also be perfect for keeping pets in the garden. Given the number of materials that are needed, these can often be one of the more expensive picket fences to get.

Choosing the right fence for your garden can be difficult. An alternate picket fence can be one of the better-recommended. You’ll have multiple reasons to consider each of the other types of fence.

With the pros and cons of each, there’s no wrong choice. Making sure the type of fence you choose complements the overall look and feel of your home is recommended.

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