Car Makers With The Most Lemons In 2022

land rover

Want to avoid buying a lemon? Talk to any lemon law attorney in the Bay Area and beyond, and they’ll tell you one of the best approaches is to do ample research before making any vehicle purchases. So, today, we’re going to help arm you with a bit of the knowledge you’ll need, by providing a look at some of the most notorious automakers with reputations for churning out lemons. Read on, as we explore who’s making the most lemons in 2022?

Almost every company has put out a few lemons, but some are known for consistently doing so. While their exact positioning on the “worst of” list might vary depending on who you ask, many agree that the following manufacturers tend to have more issues than others:

  • Fiat
  • Cadillac
  • Porsche
  • Jeep
  • Volkswagen
  • Subaru
  • Land Rover
  • GMC
  • Dodge
  • Volvo

Fiat, for example, is known far and wide for producing the most lemon out of all automakers. Data from at least one Autoguide study demonstrated that one out of every 76,808 of their vehicles is a lemon, which is a far cry from the opposite end of the spectrum (Toyota, who only produces a lemon every 11,655,566 vehicles). It’s not just one issue with Fiat either. Their cars will have problems ranging from jerky transmissions to leaking oil and coolant to brake failures and even engine failure/overheating. It’s enough to make you want to avoid Fiat-produced vehicles, but let’s not forget that the other automakers have their fair share of issues too.

Ford is another automaker that gets near-constant criticism for the quality of their automobiles, and some of that may be for good reason. Remember models like the Ford Focus, Fiesta, and Escape? These were plagued with a series of transmission issues, steering problems, faulty suspensions, and even engine failure. These experiences made whole swathes of motorists swear off the American automaker for good and search for greener pastures elsewhere.

If you’re thinking that popular German brands like Mercedes-Benz or Volkswagen are immune to lemons, think again. Mercedes might be known for luxury, but they’ve also got a reputation for suspension failures, misfiring engines, oil leaks, faulty brakes, and transmission problems. Volkswagen, the manufacturer behind brands such as Audi and Porsche, has had difficulties with the latter. Porsche’s are in the same ballpark as Fiats and Cadillacs when it comes to having serious defects, and they’re so prevalent that you could find one defective Porsche for every 126,000 units sold, while one out of every 202,000 VWs is likely a lemon.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a reliable car brand that isn’t going to cause you a whole bunch of issues, you might want to concentrate your search on the top five automakers in this regard: Toyota, Honda, Kia, Lexus, and Acura. We’ve already touched on Toyota’s reputation for quality, and the others mentioned in the top five are on a similar level when it comes to producing vehicles that have few issues and last for a long time.

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