5 Considerations to Make When Choosing Between Cigar Types

You are probably one of the people who enjoy smoking cigars after a long week, with or without your friends. But hey, which cigar type do you smoke? Well, when it comes to cigar types, there are plenty of options that you can choose from. However, how do you identify the best of all? Below is a discussion on what to consider determining the best cigar type.

The Size of a Cigar

It is essential to consider a cigar’s size when choosing since it determines its burning properties. Whether you love the enormous gran corona or the tiny cigarillo, you should know that the cigar size that you will buy would affect your smoking experience. But how will it do this?

The size of a cigar will determine how long you will smoke it. For instance, you will take more time to smoke a large cigar than if you bought a small one. The size of the cigar will also determine the intensity of your draw. To know the size of a cigar, check the ring gauge and the length of a cigar.

The Shape of a Cigar

It would be best if you did not ignore the cigar’s shape when choosing between different types of cigars. Anyway, it will affect the overall experience that you will have when smoking your cigar. For instance, it will determine the flavor that the cigar will provide and how your mouth will feel when smoking.

When it comes to the shapes of the cigars, you can choose Figurados or parejos. Figurados are mainly cigars that are not cylindrically shaped. They include pyramid-shaped cigars that have a pointed end and a closed head. You will get a cigar’s full flavor when you buy a figurado since the pointed end helps pack the tobacco inside the cigar more efficiently.

On the flip side, parejos are straight and have round capped heads and flat open ends. Before smoking this cigar type, you will need to remove a wrapper found on the head of the cigar. You are likely to love parejos if you love controlling the amount of flavor that you get from a cigar.

The Quality of a Cigar

You need to ensure that the cigar that you are buying is of good quality. But how can you know if it of good quality or not? Check its wrapper. A good quality cigar will have a wrapper that looks clean and smooth. It should not have any cracks, tears, or gaps.

You can also check the color of a cigar to know if it’s of good quality or not. A good quality cigar should have a uniform color; it should not have places that look darker than others do. It should also have a constant tobacco fill.

The Price of a Cigar

You are probably one of the people who think that expensive cigars are good quality cigars. Although this might be true, sometimes you can find affordable cigars that have good features. Therefore, do not push yourself too hard to purchase expensive cigars; buy what you can afford.

A Cigar Brand

You might have a hard time choosing a cigar brand since many of them are available. However, you can quickly settle for the best option if you first think about what interests you. Understand your preference and taste and choose a brand that matches them.

Choosing a cigar type is not easy since there are many available cigar types. However, if you look at the size, shape, and quality of a cigar before making a purchase, you will settle for the best one. You should also check the price and brand of a cigar.

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